A Closer Look At Needle Palm Trees

It’s about time I wrote more in depth about this incredible palm. There are many cold hardy palms out there, but Needle palm trees tend to be one of the most fascinating. Why is that?  To start, these palms may be the most cold hardy palm tree on the planet! They have the ability to … Read more

9 Cold Hardy Palm Trees For the Desert

If you live in a desert climate then you are aware that temperature swings are pretty normal, especially at higher elevations. Many times these areas will only plant a few species of palms at most, but are there other types you can try?  Absolutely! There are several proven cold hardy palm trees for the desert … Read more

8 Popular Hardy Palm Trees For Small Gardens

With the population expanding in many areas across the globe and newer developments of communities having smaller yards, there is also a high demand for smaller plants and trees. Just like many other types of trees out there, palm trees can be large, small or somewhere in between, but what if you live in colder … Read more

How Cold Hardy Are Mediterranean Fan Palm Trees?

Known as the most naturally occurring northern growing palm on the planet, the Mediterranean Fan palm or European Fan palm is a versatile, drought tolerant palm that is a perfect choice for climates ranging from cool Mediterranean to dry, desert areas. They are a smaller, more compact choice for folks that have limited space and … Read more

9 Incredibly Hardy Palm Trees For Zone 8

If you live in a zone 8 climate, then you live in an area that has the potential to dip into the low teens during the winter months. Surprisingly enough, there are a number of palm trees for zone 8 climates that not only will survive these chilly temperatures, but will need little to no … Read more

How To Fertilize Palm Trees For Maximum Results

When choosing a palm tree, one of the most important elements of keeping your tree healthy is one of the most overlooked. Most people check the common things like zone tolerance, water and light requirements, size and cost. While these are obviously important in keeping your palm healthy, many people forget that palms also need … Read more

3 Awesome Palm Trees For Zone 7

Years ago if someone had told me that there were palm trees that could survive single digit temperatures and survive, I would have thought they were nuts. Maybe they could take a light frost or a slight dip below freezing for a couple of hours, but 25-30 degrees below the freezing mark? I don’t think … Read more

What Is a Sabal Palm?

I don’t like Sabal palms. At least that’s what I thought a few years back after starting my research on cold hardy palms. They didn’t seem as visually appealing to me as other types and personally just looked like large, shrubby weeds. After stumbling across some different types of Sabals online, I realized that there … Read more