Proper Care of Sago Palms (Cycas Revoluta)

If you are a beginner at growing palms and looking for something that is relatively hands off, the Sago palm is an excellent candidate. Proper care of Sago palms isn’t that complicated and can be a great palm-like plant for you to start out with. While not technically a true palm, Sagos are actually a … Read more

Can You Grow Palm Trees From Cuttings?

Example of a Multi-Trunking Majesty Palm

For the last few years I have been growing many palm trees from seed, especially cold hardy varieties.  It’s a fun hobby, going out and collecting as many palm seeds as possible to build an awesome collection of palms for my yard.  Recently I became curious if you can grow palm trees from cuttings and … Read more

9 Cold Hardy Palm Trees For the Desert

Palm Trees for the Desert- California Fan Palm

If you live in a desert climate then you are aware that temperature swings are pretty normal, especially at higher elevations. Many times these areas will only plant a few species of palms at most, but are there other types you can try?  Absolutely! There are several proven cold hardy palm trees for the desert … Read more

8 Popular Hardy Palm Trees For Small Gardens

Palm Trees for Small Gardens- Pygmy Date Palm

With the population expanding in many areas across the globe and newer developments of communities having smaller yards, there is also a high demand for smaller plants and trees. Just like many other types of trees out there, palm trees can be large, small or somewhere in between, but what if you live in colder … Read more

How Cold Hardy Are Mediterranean Fan Palm Trees?

How Cold Hardy Are Mediterranean Fan Palm Trees?- Mediterranean Fan Palm

Known as the most naturally occurring northern growing palm on the planet, the Mediterranean Fan palm or European Fan palm is a versatile, drought tolerant palm that is a perfect choice for climates ranging from cool Mediterranean to dry, desert areas. They are a smaller, more compact choice for folks that have limited space and … Read more